The #1 cause of business failure is low sales.

#1 cause of business success is high sales. Your sales process and the skills of your sales force will determine the health of your business. One of the best investments you can make is investing in sales process development or sales training for yourself and your employees.

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur? Then you are probably the best sales person in your business.

If you had a process that you could teach to a sales professional and they would be able to get the same or better results as you, would that be valuable?

What would stop you from hiring a sales professional if you knew they would pay for themselves and generate an ROI for your business?

The answers to these questions has two parts:

  1. Sales Process Development is key to scaling your business for long-term success. By developing a step-by-step process for your sales efforts, you can duplicate your efforts faster. Your sales process becomes the standard on which to measure results. When necessary, it can be optimized or revised to reflect current market conditions. The benefit of having every sales person using the same process will create consistent growth and most importantly, a consistent customer experience.
  2. Sales Skills Development is essential to growing your business. You are only as good as your weakest skill and a comprehensive sales training plan focuses on transforming weaknesses into strengths. You could have a sales professional who delivers the best presentations, but if they are reluctant to ask for the business and close the sale it does not count.

There are eight critical areas for sales success:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Qualifying
  3. Trust / Rapport
  4. Discovery
  5. Presentation
  6. Objection Handling
  7. Closing
  8. Referrals / Resales

Each critical success area needs to be customized to your business. Each sales person must know what to do, how much time to spend and how to measure each aspect of the process. Once established, your sales efforts will be focused, coherent and transparent; your sales engine will be ready for you to step on the accelerator.

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Michael is a dynamic, content rich and entertaining speaker. He speaks about sales, sales management, sales process development, sales skills development, leadership, goal-setting, mindset, and managing Millennials.

He can deliver mind blowing keynotes to multi-day workshops often customized to his clients’ needs.

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Michael has developed a comprehensive sales training workshop called Sales Journey. It covers all aspects of the sales process, sales success mindset and accountability. It can be delivered in one or two days and includes a workbook and accountability training for management.

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Michael’s extensive experience can be leveraged through a custom consulting package. He can help you develop an effective sales process, sales training plan, accountability system and much more. Please inquire to schedule a 30-minute consultation.

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Michael Tracy | Speaker
Michael Tracy has spent the last decade in the trenches as a sales leader for telecommunications, marketing services, and cutting-edge SaaS startups. He is driven to help organizations large and small make more sales and generate more revenue. Michael’s dynamic and entertaining seminars are content rich and create measurable results.

Michael Tracy is one of the top sales professionals working today. He has recruited, trained, managed and motivated several sales forces that have achieved many millions in sales results. In his first year of direct sales, Michael made more than 20,000 calls and experienced more than 19,000 rejections. His sales closing ratio went from one in 20 to one in three. Within 12 months, he had moved to the top of his field, recruited and trained 30 salespeople and bought a new Mercedes.

Michael is an entertaining, high-content, high-energy speaker. He teaches practical, proven strategies and techniques that people can use immediately to get faster sales results.

In his career, Michael has developed experience in Direct Sales, Sales Management, Sales Presentation Skill, Sales Negotiation Strategies, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Customer Retention Techniques, Coaching and Leadership.

Michael is the co-author of the worldwide best-selling book, “Unlimited Sales Success,” now offered in 12 different languages. He is a skilled speaker and presenter bringing a combination of practical ideas, personal experience, and an enjoyable presentation.

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