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The Sales Journey Process

There is a well-known formula for creating stories known as the "Hero's Journey": discovered by a comparative mythologist named Joseph Campbell and later adapted for writers as a practical guide for writing stories by Christopher Vogler. I'm adapting it to personal and career development at Sales Journey.  I have modified this formula to reflect the [...]

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Bottleneck Theory for Sales

In college, I took a really boring class called Operations Management. Like most boring classes, there were several important lessons disguised in arcane diagrams and efficiency tables. One of the valuable lessons I learned was bottleneck theory. The bottleneck theory states that you can only produce as fast as your slowest process. For example, if [...]

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Three Sales Positions Guaranteed to Rock Your Prospects’ World

Increasingly, we hear about the importance of relationship selling, and it is important, but it is just one of many positions you can take with a prospect. Every sales professional is different and varied products and services call for different engagement strategies. Knowing the different positions you can hold as a sales professional will allow [...]

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The Three C’s of Sales Success

After 10 years in the sales profession, I’ve had the good fortune of working with some incredible sales people. Each person was different, different communication style, sense of humor and personality. They all had something in common, each one embodied what I’m calling the three C’s. Being good at sales is about mastering the fundamentals, [...]

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