I was very honored and grateful to be featured on the Sales Fuel Podcast:

Michael Tracy is the co-author of the worldwide best-selling book, “Unlimited Sales Success.” As the Founder of Sales Journey, Michael has recruited, trained, managed and motivated many top sales forces to help them achieve millions in sales results.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Michael discuss:

  • The evolution of sales/the seller
  • What today’s sales leader should focus on
  • The usually overlooked concept of “selling for time”
  • Which is better for millennials: flat or hierarchical org structures?
  • How his consulting methodology varies from that of his famous father, Brian Tracy

Key Takeaways:

  • Michael doesn’t teach strategy, he teaches tactics
  • By educating your customers, you’re empowering them
  • Track your activity in the beginning to know what to focus on for future success
  • Virtualization of sales will increase significantly in the future and will be more widely accepted
  • “You do have to invest a little bit more time in educating yourself, you do have to be an expert to a large extent in your field of sales.” – Michael Tracy

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