SalesFuel – Podcast

I was very honored and grateful to be featured on the Sales Fuel Podcast: Michael Tracy is the co-author of the worldwide best-selling book, “Unlimited Sales Success.” As the Founder of Sales Journey, Michael has recruited, trained, managed and motivated many top sales forces to help them achieve millions in sales results. In this episode, Audrey, Lee [...]

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The Sales Journey Process

There is a well-known formula for creating stories known as the "Hero's Journey": discovered by a comparative mythologist named Joseph Campbell and later adapted for writers as a practical guide for writing stories by Christopher Vogler. I'm adapting it to personal and career development at Sales Journey.  I have modified this formula to reflect the [...]

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Selling SaaS

Selling SaaS In my almost six years of selling SaaS solutions, I’ve arrived at some pretty big conclusions about how to effectively and consistently sell it.  Before we jump in, let me be honest, I’ve had a range of experiences, some good and some not so good.  A good experience happened recently, the stars aligned [...]

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